About Us

Customize.pk is an online custom print store. Launched in 2016, we are offering different types of products. We offer wide range of product designs for customers to chose from. Customers can also CUSTOMIZE their own pictures!

Customize.pk provides you with a wide range of products, from customized mugs to cushions, and much more. Add life to your products. Have it your way!

What We Offer

Each of us is different, and has a different taste. Why stick to the same boring products then? With customize.pk, you can now add life to your products, and make them your very own! Our products can be the perfect gift you are looking for. Light on the wallet, and close to the heart. Be it a picture you love that you want on your mug, or your favourite TV show poster that you want as a phone cover. You tell us what you want, how you want it, and we shall deliver it to you! We are currently offering mugs, magic mugs, phone covers, cushions, and many more products, all customized according to your order. Stay tuned for more!